You're dreaming

For my first blog post, I thought I'd start where my book started: with a dream. Yes, it was my "dream" to write a book that people would actually want to read. But it also literally began with a dream. I've heard it said of the great filmmaker Federico Fellini that he saw every scene he ever filmed first in a dream. And so it was with me. The climactic dream my titular character experiences was an actual dream I had many years ago. For Karina, as for myself, the dream seemed to be coming from place of expanded vistas, an elevated place where life's landscape could be more easily taken in.

Dreams are most certainly the juncture where the finite mind and the infinite spirit come together. The problem-solving function of dreams is well documented and yet they are mysterious enough that neurologists still do not know where they come from. Some people say that our lives are like dreams from which we awaken when we die. "Row, row, row your boat..."

Tomorrow, when you wake and feel the tail end of a dream slithering away, pause a moment. Call it back to you. There's wisdom to be found in that slippery coil.

#dreams #dreamers #dreaming #YAfiction

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