Too rich or too thin

You fix your hair, put on your makeup, slip into your best-fitting dress and heels. But no matter how you try, there will always be someone prettier than you. And richer. And thinner.

The goal is to be the prettiest you YOU can be. That's the object of the game. If you can do that, you've won. And by "pretty," I don't mean only on the outside. What's outside is merely a consequence of what's inside.

You are not in a horse race to see which mare wins the Triple Desirability Crown. Comparing yourself to others is a no-fail recipe for misery souffle. Surgery, hair dye, depilatories--they are a waste of time if you're galloping down a track. Because there will always be a mare who's faster.

Pretty is as pretty does--and thinks--and feels.

#pretty #innerbeauty #beauty

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